Check Out Our Seasonal Market.

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Enjoy your spring floral and gardening with our beautiful flowers and nursery stock. Let us assist you with your needs!

We take pride in all of our homegrown crops! It is well known by all of our patrons that sweetcorn is our SPECIALTY! It's hand picked fresh every morning and sometimes, even throughout the day to keep up with demand.

We offer a wide variety of fall crops and commodities. Come out to the farm and enjoy a day packed full of fun and adventure during our fall festival!

About The Farm.

  • Quality Horticulture

    We tend to our plants with great care and are passionate that we make them as healthy as possible.
  • Quality Agriculture

    Our homegrown produce is tended to on a daily basis to ensure that we are growing the best crops we can.
  • Consumer Satisfaction

    We want our provided service to satisfy. We ensure that our staff will deliver excellent knowledge of our products.
  • Consumer Needs

    We care about you! We appreciate your patronage and want to satisfy your needs in all three diverse seasons.